Chick peas

Botanical name: Cicer arietinum.
Types:  Kabuli Chick Peas 6+ mm/8+ mm
Desi Chick Peas, Split Chick Peas
Origin: Russia.
Packing: bulk or any size of bags or big bags

Machine Clean, Sortex quality available.


Chick Peas (also known as Kabuli, Humous, Garbanzo beans, Gram, Chana, Pois Chicke, Shihu, Chola, Ceci, Cici, Cheechee, Pois Chiche, Gran, Channa, Safaid Beans) are renowned for their delicious taste and high protein content. Chick Peas are one of the oldest legumes cultivated by humans.

Russia grows primarily two classes of Chick Peas: the larger type (also known better as Kabuli) and smaller type (also known better as Desi, Kala Chana, Bengal Gram, Gram, Chana, Pis Chiche, Chihu).

Kabuli Chick Peas have a large, cream-colored seed with a thin seed coat. Desi type of Chick Peas has a small, dark colored seed with a thick seed coat and used mainly for livestock feed.

Chick Peas are highly nutritious food. Chick Peas are a rich source of proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and many essential minerals and vitamins. Chick Peas are consumed fresh, fried, roasted and boiled, and also used to make snack food and sweets.