Hulled millet

Botanical name: Panicum miliaceum.
Origin: Russia.
Packing: any size of bags or big bags.


Hulled millet (also known as: Hirse, Miglio, Mijo, Golden Millet) is produced of millet grain. Perfect for the healthy diet.

Millet is an annual grain-crop growing in Russia. The soil and agro climatic conditions of the Saratov region are the most favorable for cultivation of this grain-crop.

Millet is irreplaceable in any diet. This product contains a plenty of vitamins and nutrients. Millet, as well as other cereals, is the main source of vegetative fat and carbohydrates. As it is rich in cellulose, it improves the functioning of an alimentary canal, eliminates toxins, and reduces the level of cholesterol in blood. Millet contains silicon, iron, magnesium and other microelements. Besides, the taste of millet is one of the best among cereals.

In dietary meal millet porridge is recommended at diseases of cardiovascular system, liver and nervous system diseases.